Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Championship Review

Trumbull won the IM Volleyball championship for the first time in history, sweeping it's first playoff appearance in 43 years. The team gelled, and felled opponents 2-0(15-10, 15-11), 2-0(16-14, 15-2), 2-0(15-10, 15-4). The team often fell behind early in the first game, only to rally and crush the opponent's spirit for the second. Trumbull gave up a combined 17 points in the second games of the three matches. Trumbull had looked forward to meeting archnemesis Calhoun in the final; Calhoun fell in the semis to an inferior, one-dimensional Pierson team. Said Pierson's single dimension, Juan, "You know, I just went on a streak, my blood ran hot up and down my thighs, and I couldn't miss a spike." Calhoun's star player, Alexy, commented "We shoulda. We coulda. Damn." Trumbull's captian was incredibly elated after the championship match, ass-slapping each member of the team in turn, while repeating "We finally did it, I'm a champion again;" Trumbull's captain won a school-wide pogs tournament in 5th grade. Trumbull's team was also in the running for the sportsmanship award prior to the season, amid rumors that it's fiery sparkplug, Samuel, would not be back this year. Defying the haters, Samuel returned to become the best bumper in the league; Trumbull's pre-game chant was "Win!" The ACTUAL God smiled, and played, angelically.

So, fuck yeah, we beat all y'all . Undefeated next year motherfuckers.


Anonymous Kai said...

Champions of the world man. This just goes to show that if you put your heart and soul into something you can and will succeed. They always told me that, but this proves it. Now I can tell my children too.

Thank you to Farid for his ongoing support.

Next year, 13-0 in matches, 26-0 in games.

Oh, and I got dibs on the movie rights.

3/03/2005 12:37 AM  
Anonymous robspiro said...

is it too soon to call him the michael jordan of volleyball?
i think not.

and what would that make kingspawn? scottie pippen? i'm going to say dennis rodman.

if you guys need an agent, you know where i live.

3/03/2005 1:03 AM  

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